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The days are getting longer, the grass is growing, the birch leaves are showing a delicate green, the sun is shining, the freezer is filled with ice cream – we are happy to officially open the summer season 2022.
We are looking forward to many guests, beautiful encounters and a lively summer!

Welcome to our place!

Annina and Björn with Nils and Elin and team



What a great winter season!

Thank you dear guests for your visit, for the great moments, experiences and conversations, for laughing, enjoying and sharing!
Lots of sun, snow, polar lights, shooting stars, peace and quiet, adventures and cosy moments were enjoyed in Tyngsjö Stugby during the past months.
We are happy to have welcomed you with us!
Now we are taking a short break to start the coming summer season full of energy again.

Annina and Björn with Nils and Elin


One year ago today we took over Tyngsjö Vildmark. An exciting and challenging time lies behind us. We can look back on great conversations and guests, but also on a quiet and uncertain time due to Covid-19. All the more we are happy about the numerous guests who have already visited us this summer and about the incoming bookings.

One year in Sweden – we feel at home here! Privately, the year has also brought us many gifts – we were able to embrace our daughter Elin on 24.06.2021. We and her brother Nils are very proud of the little girl!

So today we celebrate our first anniversary and look forward to many more years here.

Annina and Björn with Nils and Elin

COVID-19 information

Tyngsjö Vildmark is open, but we have to take special measures due to the corona virus.

We ask you to read our information letter carefully.

Information about the measures:

  • Stay home if you have any of the following symptoms:
    fever, cough, shortness of breath, taste and smell disorders.
  • Please keep a distance of 2m from the Tyngsjö Vildmark staff and other guests.
  • The reception is open on a reduced basis, but we are always available by phone.
  • Check-in as well as check-out is by telephone announcement.
  • The Café and kiosk will be open from mid-June. Buns can be ordered from us by phone or Whatsapp the day before until 18.00 o’clock.
  • We ask our campsite guests to leave the showers and toilets clean after use.
  • The entrance to the service building is limited to a certain number of guests – please follow the instructions on site.
  • Guests from Sweden are asked to pay via Swish. All other guests are asked to pay by card.
  • We work with less staff and ask for your understanding for possible waiting times.

If you have any questions, please contact us by phone:

+46 (0)70-286 40 10

We are looking forward to your visit and thank you for your help!

Annina and Björn

We are looking forward to you!

Annina and Björn Gurtner

Tyngsjö Vildmark AB

Tyngsjö Stugby 6

78694 Äppelbo / Sweden

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Annina und Björn Gurtner

Tyngsjö Vildmark AB

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